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Customs Clearance

As prominent customs clearance agents Ziphair eases compliance of the import and export regulations and paper works regarding the customs clearance of their clients. Experience and knowledge in the field enable us to handle all trade compliances and procedures and clear all the consignments by sea, air or land more efficiently. We deal all customs clearance procedures of all customs clearance examination, appraisal, assessment and evaluation for the assessment of tax. We undertake the total responsibility of estimating the demands and challenges that the clients face and help them arrange the paper work and meet the day to day formalities easily and efficiently.

We are proficient in the matters of processing the customs clearance assessment, HSN classification, rate of duty, completion of appraisal and examination of various assessment and procedures and payments, customs examination and obtaining customs out of charge and arranging dispatch, delivery to the destination. We will assist the client in the preparation of the set of Documents for customs clearance in Non- EDI system like Signed invoice, packing list, Bill of lading, delivery order \ air way bill , GATT declaration form duly filled in, Importers declaration, License wherever necessary, letter of credit \ Bank draft wherever necessary, Insurance document, import License, Industrial license if required, Test report in case of chemicals, ad-hoc exemption order, DEEC books\DEPB in original Catalogue, technical write up, literature in case of machineries, spares or chemicals as may applicable, separately split-up value of spares components, machineries, certificate of origin, if preferential rate of duty is claimed, no- commission declaration etc.

We have in-depth knowledge on the laws and acts related to exports and imports like Anti dumping and allied duties, countervailing duty on the identified articles, tariff Act, Foreign Trade policy, Tariff policy, and restrictions, limitations and prohibitions etc. We help the clients in the matters of packaging of goods, Selection of modes and routes and combination of routes for effective cost reduction etc.

Ziphair Logistics also extends help in obtaining importer exporter code number, Product sourcing and sampling, interpretation and translation, Purchases and business negotiations, Ware house and distribution , mixed container service, prepare exportation documents, assisting in clearance of goods, processing the bill of entry for customs clearance.

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