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Ware house and ditribution

Ware house is the central point in the supply chain where goods are sorted for distribution. The ware house operators are responsible for arranging the distributed cargo to the destinations according to the specific requirements of clients on the delivery, time and date.

The importance of ware house operations lies in the fact that they assure the prompt availability of goods to cater the clients' needs. We maintain temperature controlled or refrigerated to store items like sophisticated electronic goods, pharmaceuticals, chemicals to be stored in low temperature, food stuff, and perishable goods as well as general ware houses. Ziphair uses latest material tracking and handling technologies such as RFID(Radio Frequency IDentification ) Cards, Ware house management system (W. M. S) and MIS reports required for inventory management. We maintain Ware house and distribution centres in India and GCC ( Gulf Cooperation Council including - Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Saudi Arabia , The United Arab Emirates and Yemen ) to offer safe, secure and convenient place of storage. Both long term and short term Ware house and distribution facility in any part of the world is an important feature of our operations.

    The features of Ware house and distribution operations
  • Stuffing and De-stuffing of Containers.
  • Cross Stuffing.
  • Sorting and Segregating
  • Labeling and Palletization
  • Order Fulfillment – Starting From Order Picking , Order Receipt, Customization & Order Dispatch.
  • Value Added Services – Testing, Assembling, Material Insertion, Price Ticketing , Repacking, Quarantine , QA Inspection,

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